Why do people watch reality TV

My topic is Jersey Shore and I researched why people watch reality TV.

Reiss, Steven, and James Wiltz. “Why people watch reality TV.” Media psychology 6.4 (2004): 363-378. . “The results showed that status is the main motivational
force that drives interest in reality television. The more status-oriented people are,
the more likely they are to view reality television and report pleasure and enjoyment” (Reiss & Wiltz, 373). According to the scholarly article, people are attracted to such reality shows because of their desire for status; the desire to feel important. Watching a reality show that interests you, makes you feel good. These ordinary people were casted on a show about things that relate to your own life and became celebrities because of it. This article relates to my artifact because it uses psychological theories and also performs a survey to find out what it is that makes people so attracted to reality TV. This article gives the main point to my topic, Jersey Shore because we wonder what it is that makes people want to watch the crazy, drama filled show.

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Papacharissi, Zizi, and Andrew L. Mendelson. “An exploratory study of reality appeal: Uses and gratifications of reality TV shows.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 51.2 (2007): 355-370. “For the past several years reality television has dominated mainstream television programming” (Papacharissi & Mendelson, 355). The requirement of reality TV is to place yourself on public display, not having any privacy for the sake of fame. This article is also about why people watch reality TV and how popular is has become. It relates to my topic because it discusses the reasons why people choose to watch certain reality shows. It helps me to discuss my topic on the fact that because it is ordinary people that are casted into these reality shows, it makes us ordinary people feel ‘important’, fantasizing that we could even become famous.

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Barton, Kristin M. “Reality television programming and diverging gratifications: The influence of content on gratifications obtained.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 53.3 (2009): 460-476. As Andrejevic said in 2003, “there are now more people applying to The Real World each year than to Harvard” (Barton, 460). This is because of how popular reality TV has become and how much is has taken over television programs. This articles main point is all the different reason people watch reality TV coming from all different people. There are so many reasons why other than literal psychological reasons and theories. It can be more basic such as it’s unscripted, or to just pass time. Even because of the fact that other people around them are watching the shows so you hop on the band wagon. This article helps me basically to find out people’s reasoning behing why they watch crazy reality shows.

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“Why America Loves Reality TV.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, www.psychologytoday.com/us/articles/200109/why-america-loves-reality-tv. “Among the most serious complaints is the allegation that the shows rely on viewers’ enjoyment of the humiliation and degradation of participants. It is quite difficult to find an individual who is indifferent to such programmes. We either hate reality shows or we watch them, quite often without considering why” (Witkowski). This blog talks about what drives people to watch reality TV. There was a survery performed in the blog and the researchers found that people are driven to watch reality TV because of positive feelings such as empathy and compassion. Another thing that drives people to watch the shows are because people want to “intrude” and see people’s privacy and embarrassing moments. This helps me to discuss my topic because of what Jersey Shore is about; why do people really want to watch it. And I think the number one answer is to see them humiliate themselves.

Mailonline, Sophie Freeman For. “Do You like Reality TV? Then You May Be a Narcissist: People Who Watch a Lot of the Shows Tend to Be Vain and Self-Absorbed.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 28 Mar. 2016, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3512192/Do-like-reality-TV-narcissist-People-watch-lot-shows-tend-vain-self-absorbed.html. “But those who watch a lot of the this sort of television entertainment are more likely to be vain and self-absorbed, a study suggests” (Freeman). This article talks about how narcissism revolves around those who watch reality TV. This article helps me talk about my topic because it brings up another reason it why it might be that people watch reality TV. Studies show that people who are narcissist seem to be attracted to reality shows, seeking people who are like them. And there’s another theory that watching reality TV, can create a narcissistic person.

Why People Love Reality Shows.” The Odyssey Online, 27 Aug. 2017, http://www.theodysseyonline.com/why-people-love-reality-shows. “According to statistics on WordPress.com, 67 percent of television is reality television” (Jackson). This article lists all the reasons why people watch reality TV and then also talks about each. There are so many reasons why people are attracted to reality TV. For obvious reasons such as it’s entertaining, it’s real, it’s relateable, and so much more. This article helps me talk about my topic because it just gives a clear list and explanation on why people watch the shows.

There’s almost a never ending list of reasons for why people watch reality TV. Whether it be basic reasons, or it be the psychological reasons and theories. All these articles and blogs are very helpful and relatable to my topic why people watch reality TV. My topic was specifically Jersey Shore and these articles can all be related to that. Jersey Shore has everything in it, whether you want drama, romance, violence, etc. These articles explain why people are driven to watch such things.

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